• Our approach

    At Phyling, we have developed all the essential elements to measure the force directly on your equipment.


    We have designed many custom-made force sensors to reach the precision required by researchers. It is these technologies that we are now taking out of the laboratories and bringing to the field.


    Acquisition cards

    & Software

    Innovative, it is the first fully integrated, wireless & miniature measuring system with a long autonomy and adapted to your needs.



    For some high-potential applications, we have developed and patented specific force sensors.



    Your needs are unique, we offer a tailor-made service to meet them. From advice to implementation, we take care of everything.

  • Creation of a tailor-made solution

    To identify the nature of the measurements to be made, a study of the support is necessary. We plan a discussion in order to understand your needs and define a suitable solution.


    Fast Prototyping


    Record time

    High precision force sensors

    Developed by our team, our force sensors integrate perfectly with your equipment to collect data in real time. We create our electronic boards in order to obtain the best level of performance.




    Very light


    An application for onboard acquisition

    The first embedded acquisition software, its objective is to facilitate data collection in the field and provide simple, real-time feedback.


    Tablet supplied

    Personalised App

    Easy to use

  • 5 steps for a complete offer



    We discuss your needs



    We develop a proof of concept, which we test with you



    Back to the lab to build the equipment and app



    You start using of the equipment and application



    We advise you on performance developments

  • Products examples

    Instrumented Trigger Tail

    Developed for sport shooting, it allows to determine the pressure of the shooter's finger, as well as the lateral force to optimise the training and improve the shooting performance.

    Instrumented Hook

    Space-saving and waterproof, this tensile force sensor makes it possible to evaluate the tension in the ropes or the elements it connects. It can be used in particular in sailing or climbing.

    Instrumented scrum machine

    Equipped with several sensors, this instrumented scrum machine is able to determine the total strength of the team during the scrum exercise in training.

  • They trust us


    Phyling already supports many key players in research, sport and industry

  • The Phyling team

    Our vision


    In the laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique, LadHyX, we have designed many custom-made force sensors to achieve the precision required by research. Our goal was to make our technology non-invasive and miniature so that a top athlete could use it without changing his or her feelings. To do this, we focused on the central element of force measurement. This is how we transform the equipment itself into sensors.

    Jean-Philippe Boucher

    Romain Labbé

  • Join us

    If you are looking for a job or an internship, contact us at jepostule@phyling.fr