The Phyling application

    included with the Maxi Phyling

  • The online platform to analyze your data at each training.

  • How does it work ?



    Together we define the most relevant features for your purpose.



    Visualize your athletes' data in real-time, on the field on a smartphone or tablet.



    After each training session, the app creates customizable reports for each athlete.



    Upgrade your long-term training planification.





    Real-time data visualization


    During training, you can have access to the most relevant data on your smartphone or tablet. You can even plot multiple indicators at the same time.




    Automatic collection

    After each training exercise, data are automatically saved and sorted by the platform. You can add comments or quickly visualize them.


    Custom-made features analysis

    Visualize your athletes' progress day after day thanks to relevant indicators associated to your sport (speed, force, power, acceleration, frequency, etc.). Each training session can be analysed as a whole or you can focus on one special part.