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    The instrumented Phyling football shoes

    Analyze your players' dynamic on the field and quantify their fatigue.

  • A breakthrough measurement

    The instrumented football shoes developed by Phyling allow vertical ground reaction forces measurement in situ.  Thanks to force sensors embedded in the shoe, we are able to analyze the players' dynamic, their running patterns and their fitness.
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    Data acquisition

    The Maxi Phyling, associated to the instrumented shoe, allow recording 12 acquisition channels (6 for each shoe) at up to 1 kHz with a reduced weight. The Maxi Phyling also provides a GPS signal and an integrated Inertial Measurement Unit.

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    This patented technology is concentrated inside the stud, which is custom-made and built of aluminium. Size and diameter are standard.

  • Fatigue detection

    For each step, we calculate more than 15 indicators to characterize the player's fitness on the ground, in real conditions of play. It allows us to quantify his state of fatigue during a constant velocity run. 
    In a near future,  this way of measurement could help coaches and athletes monitor training load by completing existing solutions and devices.
  • Scientific validation

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    The instrumented Phyling football shoes is scientically validated and has been used in several studies to improve fatigue detection among professionnal footballers.
  • For more information, contact us : contact@phyling.fr