• Phyling force platforms

    Characterize athletes' dynamic without altering standard playing conditions.

  • The portable force platform

    This Phyling force platform collects vertical ground reaction forces with great ease. You can have more informations by coupling several of them together. 
    In a static use, this platform calculate the center of pressure displacement, which is key to evaluate postural stability. It could also be used in a dynamic way to quantify strength imbalances, vertical jump abilities, athlete's rehabilitation, etc.
    • Wireless recording 
    • Phyling app analysis 
    • Acquisition frequency : 100Hz
    • Autonomy :  15h

  • The instrumented Phyling ground

    Thanks to an innovative force-measurement technology, we are able to collect ground reaction forces data on a various amount of surfaces and on a large scale. 
    These floors can also collect athlete's position on the field and can be covered with any surface. They can be used in athletics (for stride characterization), for indoor sports or for research on gait analysis.
    • Wired acquisition
    • Acquisition frequency up to 1000Hz

  • Collect the most relevant data

    Custom-made indicators are avalaible to satisfy any of your request. 

    Ground reaction forces during a sprint.

    Center of pressure displacement during a walk.

  • For more information, contact us : contact@phyling.fr