The Maxi Phyling

  • The high-performance acquisition box dedicated to data collection and analysis.

    Complete and adaptable

    Integrated GPS and IMU.

    Up to 16 analog measurement channels.

    Customizable features on request.

    Data collection and synchronisation

    The Maxi Phyling collects data from Mini Phyling connected nearby and computes customizable features in real-time.

    Data storage and visualization

    Data are stored internally and sent to our online server to allow visualization through the Phyling application directly on the field.

  • Data visualization

    Thanks to the Phyling application (included with the Maxi Phyling), you can visualize real-time data on PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • Waterproof, light, small and autonomous.


    • Water resistance : equivalent to IP67. 
    • Weight: 250 g
    • Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 45 mm
    • Autonomy : 5 to 10 h depending on the model
    • Acquisition frequency : 
      • Analog channels : up to 10 kHz
      • GPS : 10Hz 
      • Inertial Measurement Unit : up to 500Hz