The Mini Phyling

  • The miniature acquisition box specially designed to be integrated to every equipment.

    Discrete and versatile

    Up to 4 acquisition channels, an accelerometer and a gyroscope in a wireless housing that weights less than 20 g and is 5 cm long.

    Autonomous or connnected

    Equipped with a microSD card, it can be independent or connected to a Maxi Phyling to have access to the Phyling app analysis.

    Adaptable and customizable

    Multiple forms and fixing systems are available to record data in every situation without altering the equipment.

  • Onboard measurement for every situation

    The Mini Phyling is the key solution to easily analyse athlete's dynamic and kinematic patterns.

  • Do more with the Maxi Phyling

    You can synchronize up to 6 Mini Phyling to one Maxi Phyling to have access to a deeper analysis through the Phyling application.