• The instrumented Phyling table tennis racket

    Characterize each shot.

  • Analyze your shots without altering your playing conditions.

    Simply clip the Mini Phyling to your racket.

    Shot detection and recognition.

    Thanks to the specifically-developed Phyling algorithms, we are able to detect each shot and classify it among 6 categories (forehand and backhand loop, forehand and backhand push, forehand and backhand block) with a 91.5% rate of success.


    Consequently, for each training you can have access to the total number of shots played and the number of shots for each category.

    Shot characterization

    The integrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) gives some unique and relevant data on the athlete's shots : duration, maximum acceleration, racket orientation, etc.


    Player's progress can be analyzed objectively over time. For example, effects of a specifically-designed training program aimed to improve racket head speed could be quantified with great ease.

  • For more information, contact us  : contact@phyling.fr